It is nice that you have some elderly people living next to your house as they can be very nice to you and they are also very thoughtful as they would care to you like their own kid. Of course, most of them are thinking about the medicare customer education service Palisade CO only so this is the right and perfect time for you to make them happy and avoid thinking about their age or their unpleasant life now. Talking to them will give you a lot of realization in life and this could lead to a lot of opportunities and good things in life which can help you to remember your own parents and they have the sense of humor as well when you are cracking jokes to them as it is very easy for you to make them smile and feel happy and of course, loved.

It is not hard to get along with them as long as you know how to approach properly and correctly as it will give you the best way to know them and to be able to achieve your goal which is to ask their names and even their life history and experiences. Sometimes you have to show your compassion when you are greeting them as this will give them a better opportunity to talk more and to say the things that they want to tell you. It is either you can talk to them and say “hi” or you can also raise your arms and wave it to say that you are greeting them with your body language and another one which is very common is to smile to them.

You can start the conversation by asking about their day or their morning and it depends to the time that you are greeting them and this could be the reason that they will open up more things to you. A lot of things can be talked about as long as you will show that you are interested to listen to their stories and this is not going to be very hard to achieve and to keep the conversation so well.

Others are having a hard time to get along with older people but you need here is some patience as you know that they are getting aged and that means that they might repeat things over and over again. You have to show that you are interested to listen to them and you can give your own ideas to share as well.

Aside from that, if you have some time to do other things like asking them to help them with the house cleaning then that would be very nice as you know that most of the old people could not the job anymore. Another thing to get their attention is to give them the food that they like to eat as most of them could not afford to buy the expensive food or to cook by themselves. You can also invite others to visit your elder neighbor and have a good conversation.