From converted colanders that blossom with living greens to succulent gardens that sprouts vertically, such creative DIY planter projects only need a few fundamental tools and supplies and a motivated spirit to propagate the seeds of style in your yard. Here are a few of them. 

Double the style 

A towering 2-tiered planter can provide a statement on the porch, which you can observe from the street. All you should have is fundamental woodworking skills to bring together galvanized nails and pressure-treated lumber. From here, you can end the wood with a slight stain or plop the blooms you like directly into every 2 shelves of the planter’s rustic bare wood.  

Bowled over by glamour 

If you are prepared to let go of an old salad bowls that you have in your kitchen, think about making use of it to be placed in the garden to help you offer a visually alluring display. This is very easy to make you just need to attach 3 legs to an inversed wooden salad bowl and then load the bowl with a delectably vivid combination of seasonal greens.  

Recreate the wheel 

A tall and strong planter, which is perfect for trailing vines and shoots or for dramatic green sprays, is easy to build and easy on the eyes as well. The planter can be finished within less than a day with basic drilling methods, some galvanized finishing nails, and pressure-treated wood slats. After you complete the bodywork, all you have to do is to apply exterior paint to the planter, install 4 caster wheels, and then fill with your favorite flora and soil.  

Hole in one 

You can actually create a self-draining planter with the help of the holes of a colander. You can recreate its design by using landscape fabric as you like it inside of the colander. Then, top it with greenery and soil afterward.  

Turn a corner 

When the awkward angles of your corner cabinet do not suit in your home, try placing it to your patio or porch where it could be an unconventional planter. You do not need to be a professional woodworker to do this version. You can just begin by linking 3 triangular wooden shelves to the frame of the shelf. Then, spray paint the planter using a 2-tone scheme and fill it with plants and soil to give off fragrance and color to any side of your exterior area.  

Get inspirations from our mother nature 

Once the drawers-turn-planters are sparely set on a decorated porch, they can provide a homey vibe to the exterior of your property. You can create your own by getting wooden spindles to be used to salvage dresser drawers and then incorporating a wooden shelf underneath the spindles. Then, let your planter be coated with exterior paint that looks fun and vivid and fill both the lower shelf and the drawer with greenery. This can definitely be appreciated by your guests and even your neighbors. Visit our website regularly for more Phoenix AZ landscape tips.